Banger Rally 2014,’ The Fireball Rally ‘ created to allow individuals & small teams to join together in an exciting tour through Europe, creating a HIGH FOCUS for sponsorship. 

Fireball Rally Logo

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A Charity Banger Rally, taking in a possible 7 countries in 7 days
£195 per person INCLUDING accommodation

The Fireball Rally

Be part of it…..Join in the fun….and help your charity

Spending an entire day in Venice



Banger Rally 2014 – The Route

An adventurous 7 day charity banger rally through Europe and back again helping you support your favourite Charity in the most fun and dynamic way possible.  Please note, this is NOT a race, but a really great way to publicise, raise awareness, and collect sponsorship for your favourite Charity.

2014 Route final

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Getting Started


Join the rush in meeting some great friends on an awesome adventure across Europe.  It shouldn’t cost you a fortune but it should be worthwhile, so do it for Charity and we’ll help you every step of the way.

 First, Choose a category:

Banger Rally, driving an Old Banger worth under £900 around Europe should ensure some small level of reliability, yet allow your creative imagination to be wildly liberal, with as many pots of paint that your fetish inspired work of fantasy might require.


Or drive your very own car…………..either way, you’ll want a really great fun theme

Crazy Theme for both you and your car
Become Captain Kirk with the crew: Scotty, Bones, and Lt. Uhura, and transform your car into the Starship Enterprise.  Maybe you would rather beBack to the Future with your Fiat Panda looking like a Delorean and your crew being Marty McFly and Doc Brown for the entire time away.

Fireballrally 2012

Of course the real heroes will drive an

Old Banger AND have a Crazy Theme…..

are YOU up for the Challenge?

……There will be prizes for the best of each category: 

put your interpretation on these descriptions

1. The most Unlikely Banger’ to actually achieve success. Such recklessness should be rewarded.

2. The most impressive, and therefore, Best Car Theme’, regardless of the age of the vehicle.  Your time and effort on such a beautiful  creation needs to be recognised by your peers.

3. The team that wears their ‘Uniform/Fancy Dress/Themed Outfit’ every day and creates the most interest has truly got the ‘Fireball Spirit’.

4.  This is what it’s all about:  Our final prize to the team that has ‘Collected The Most Money’ for their chosen charity…………this takes dedication.

More info on the Route:………Along the Way

More info about the Rally:…..Top Tips

Contact :……………………………Contact Us