Banger Rally 2014,’ The Fireball Rally ‘ created to allow individuals & small teams to join together in an exciting tour through Europe, creating a HIGH FOCUS for sponsorship. 

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Last Years 2014


Sept 2014: The 7 Countries Challenge 


In 2015 we have:

 Two Rallies that are real Challenges covering multiple countries


Two Runs that are a good way to ‘test the water’ or great if you have limited time available to you



16th May  2015 – The nine Countries Challenge



27th May  2015 – May half term – A short 4 day run



5th Sept 2015 – A short 4 day run



19th Sept  2015 – The Ten Countries Challenge


Be part of it…..Join in the madness….and help your charity

The Awesome Challenge of conquering so many international countries in just a week makes the famous Fireball Rally an Amazing Adventure


We are Charity Rally Specialists and ‘The Fireball Rally ‘ was created to allow individuals & small teams to join together for an economical and exciting tour through Europe.  The Challenge of reaching many countries in a week creates a HIGH FOCUS on sponsorship for your Chosen Charity.
 Although not a race, you will be given the Sat Nav/Map Coordinates for each leg of the rally, usually the next evenings Campsite, where we all meet up again and share our stories of bravery or discoveries.  During the day, you can use any route you desire, allowing you to enjoy the Crazy Culture of our European Cousins who always have interesting things to see, visit or experience, and with at least one full day at our  destination, you will remember this one week as a Fireballer for the rest of your life.   

Our Destinations

Whether it’s Paris or Venice, Monte Carlo or Pula, we always Stop for at least One whole Day to enjoy our Destination.

Why a circular route?

 The Fireball Rally and The Fireball Run always complete a circular route that goes to our destination,  and continues back to England by another interesting route.

Accommodation costs are included in our joining fee. 

As Charity Rally Specialists, the Fireball Rally strives to make your trip very exciting, very enjoyable and Real Value for Money.

Why not just go one way to our Destination?

The idea of just going on a one way trip to a destination to leave your car behind and fly back is great if you’re taking an ambulance to a third world country for them to use….BUT not in Europe???    The trouble and expense (between £60 – £90 per night) of finding a bed for the night, every night and either selling your car when the rally is over or finding your own way back seems unfinished.       The Fireball Rally route will always continue to Dover by another interesting route and provide accommodation every night along the route.

Good Advice

We have four pages of ‘Top Tips’ from how to get the FREE use of a car, to really great prices ( £38) on European Breakdown Recovery- (your car back to Britain & hire car to finish your journey) to Ferry discounts for all on the rally, to what medical entitlements you have abroad.  The Fireball Rally really does more.  You’ll always find us at the end of a phone for advice, queries or just to give you some encouragement: 24/7 during the Rally and between 11am – 8pm at other times  07976 362436.

Why Camping?………..Two very good reasons:

1. Using hotels or Bed & Breakfasts would split our entire rally up in the evenings when we should all be together around the campfire or in the pub sharing tales of where we’ve been, the encounters we’ve had and the exciting things we want to do the next day.
2. With the Fireball Rally, the campsites are FREE to you, which makes the Fireball Rally very affordable as well as fun. You’ll need to beg, borrow or buy a tent and sleeping bag for your adventure abroad but what a fantastic week you’ll have with your fellow Fireballers.resize 600pix

Getting Started

Join the rush in meeting some great friends on an awesome adventure across Europe.  It shouldn’t cost you a fortune but it should be worthwhile, so do it for Charity and we’ll help you every step of the way.

 First:……. Choose which month you want to take part in.

Second:…..Choose whether it will be the 4 day RUN or the Challenge RALLY you are entering in that month

Third:………Have a Car, a Tent and a Sleeping Bag

Fourth:…….Choose a category/trophy to aim for from the list below:

There will be Five  trophies to win from categories 2 to 6 below 

So…… put your interpretation on these descriptions;

1.   Nice and Sensible.   No Trophy for this one.  No fancy dress, No Fancy Car, No Charity Fund Raising, just drive your very own car, which should ensure some level of reliability around Europe and enjoy the adventure….we’ll supply you with Rally door and bonnet numbers.

2.  The Most Unlikely Car Trophy.   The most ‘Unlikely Banger’ to actually achieve success, you might want to allow your creative imagination free with many pots of paint. Lets see your wild fetish inspired work of fantasy on your Banger, usually costing less than £900. Such recklessness should be rewarded and we’ll all enjoy your sheer enthusiasm.

 hUSKY 2

3.  The Best Car Theme Trophy.  The most impressive, and therefore, Best Car Theme’, regardless of the age, be it a 1903 Renault or a 2014 Corsa.  If you’ve made it look like ‘Sheila’s Wheels’, you’re in with a chance.  Your time and effort on such a beautiful  creation needs to be recognised by your peers.

4.  Themed Outfit Trophy.  We really, really encourage you on this one,  the team that wears their ‘Uniform/Fancy Dress/Themed Outfit’ every day and creates the most interest has truly got the ‘Fireball Spirit’.

Fireballrally 2012

5.  Combo Crazy Theme Trophy  We really, really encourage you on this one.  Both you and your car in Full Fancy Dress…. Become Captain Kirk with the crew: Scotty, Bones, and Lt. Uhura, AND transform your car into the Starship Enterprise.  Maybe you would rather beBack to the Future with your Fiat Panda looking like a Delorean AND your crew being Marty McFly and Doc Brown for the entire time away. You choose your favourite theme….it’s sure to be great.

6.  The Most Money Trophy.  If you want to IGNORE ALL OF THE ABOVE that’s fine by us, because, this is what get’s our total admiration:   Our final Trophy goes to the team that has ‘Collected The Most Money’ for their chosen charity…………this takes real dedication.


 Send an e-mail:-  with:
Your Name and Address,
Your Team Name,
The Number of people in your team 
Your chosen Charity,
your preferred Rally Car Door Number  &
Where you heard about us.
By return, we’ll send you our Fireball Rally Bank details for you to secure your place on the Fireball Rally with a £50 per person deposit .  We use Bank transfer as the transaction is straightforward and easily seen by both parties. If you don’t have all your details at present, you should still book your place and simply update us as you finalise your plans.
With your deposit paid, you are a true Fireballer and we’ll send you our ‘Top Tips’ for a brilliant and very memorable adventure as you conquer country after country in your own car, and tips on how to borrow a car for free, what you’ll need on your trip and what to do if you, or your car breakdown.
You’ll make lasting friendships and you’ll remember this trip for the rest of your life


This Year:  Last Sept…The Venice Rally 

Next Year: May 16th…The Monte Carlo Rally

Next Year: May 27th…The Paris to Bruges Run..(half term)

Next Year: Sept 5th…..Bond’s Switzerland Run

Next Year: Sept 19th…The Croatia Rally

Your Charity…………….Fund Raising

Any Questions?………..Questions

Contact :………………….Contact Us

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