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Travel around Europe on an adventure with new and existing friends. Soak up the sights, sounds and smells of many of the historic cities, castles, roads and views of many countries. Do it for charity, do it for the adventure or simply do it for the challenge.

Challenge 2015 Rallies & Runs

THE MONTE CARLO RALLY (16th May  2015) – The nine Countries Challenge

PARIS to BRUGES RUN (27th May  2015) – 4 day run during May half term

BONDS SWITZERLAND RUN (5th Sept 2015) – A short 4 day run

COLDITZ & CROATIA RALLY (19th Sept  2015) – The Ten Countries Challenge

Be part of it…..Join in the madness….and help your charity

The Awesome Challenge of conquering so many international countries in just a week makes the famous Fireball Rally an Amazing Adventure

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