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May 2016 – Monte Carlo

  The Famous Fireball Monte Carlo Rally arriving in time to witness the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix and stopping at Pisa on the return leg. THE 8 COUNTRIES CHALLENGE Monte Carlo Rally via LEANING TOWER of PISA   The famous Fireball Rally Route to Monte Carlo France -Monaco -Italy – Austria – Liechtenstein – Germany – Luxembourg...

August 2016 – Spanish Conquest

  The Eight Countries Challenge A most Amazing Rally INCREDIBLE VALUE THE Most Amazing 9 Day Adventure  The Magnificent Splendour of Versailles,  The Brutal Horror of WW11 French Village Limoges, The MOST INCREDIBLE FUN in the Worlds Biggest Food Fight at Valencia, a Sunshine trip along the Spanish Riviera of The Costa Brava.  A...

September 2016 – James Bond Swiss Run

 A 4 Day Run visiting some of Bond’s and Switzerland’s most Challenging and beautiful Mountain Passes. Do you accept the Challenge? THE ROUTE Covering 8 countries in 4 Days France – Switzerland – Liechtenstein – Italy – Austria – Germany – Luxembourg – Belgium    DID YOU KNOW: you can do a...

GT Rally

DID YOU KNOW: you can do a similar rally, but has the comfort of hotels throughout


You can do a similar rally, but has the comfort of hotels throughout, and visits the Munich Oktoberfest, just click: 'GT Rally' above.

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