Driving your own Car all the way to the Stunning City of  Venice, the Worlds Greatest Lovers Paradise and frolick in the warmth of the Mediterranean Sun before enjoying the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle where the Child Snatcher lives.   Join us on an adventure you’ll never Forget.




France – Switzerland – Italy – Austria – Liechtenstein – Germany – Luxembourg – Belgium


 IMPORTANT:- This rally includes the return journey back to Calais

The 8 Countries Charity Challenge starts here:-

First Night  Monday 25th June – Pre Rally briefing in Kent

Although this is not a Rally day, the camping here is at no cost to you.

Meet and greet from 4pm ……Our first night in this truly lovely Kent Campsite.  Time here for introductions, where all the Fireball Rally Drivers and Navigators from around Britain meet each other and are issued with their Car Decals.  This will be the first rally for some, so an overall briefing of  the Rally will be given in the Bar, including more detailed information on tomorrows leg of the rally.  Map coordinates and Sat Nav coordinates will be explained here along with more information on setting your Sat Navs for the assault on Europe as not every mountain has a post code.  As we’re in the bar area, we’ll all enjoy a couple of quizzes for teams to check their knowledge on continental driving……. and what you don’t know, you’ll find out here.  The excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins here along with meeting fellow adventurers who will become your good friends.

The Rally begins tomorrow at the very moment your car tyres hit the French tarmac.

Day 1… Tuesday 26th June

We begin our Rally from Calais and head towards Switzerland.  Wisely planning your route on the Fireball Rally could include Versailles or even vineyards to visit, with wine to be tasted, and there’s also a plethora of WWI & WII sites to be in awe of including a VII Rocket construction factory and Trench & Tunnel systems you can still go down to appreciate how troops were moved to the front line without the enemy knowing.  All these places and co-ordinates will be given to you at the Pre-Rally Briefing.

VII Rocket Site

GT Rally

GT Rally

Versailles & Wine

Your Sat Nav co-ordinates have brought you down towards Geneva, but you choose which route to take and what you’d like to stop and enjoy on the way.  The evening will be full of laughter and camaraderie, probably the very best time of day as you swap stories of your adventure so far.  Sat Nav coordinates for the next day will be issued and teams discuss their options with a drink in their hands, with such a buzz of anticipation.

Day 2…Wednesday 27th

Chamonix – The Beautiful Skiing Village.

The Famous Mont Blanc Tunnel

which was blasted through this iconic mountain in the 1950’s.

GT Rally Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

We head towards Italy and you might choose to navigate through the stunning skiing village of Chamonix  before driving through the legendary Mont Blanc Tunnel.  The Italian weather greets you like an old friend hugging you and our destination is where the friendliest people on Earth welcome you in ………. Amazing Italy ………… with drinks and friendships flowing freely, you too can become that amazing lover like Casanova ….. Ooh la la.

Awesome Campsites by the sea

Our stunning campsite is on the shores of the Adriatic Sea with true Mediterranean weather.  Don’t forget to pack your Speedo’s  and/or Bikini as you’ll want to have a swim in the clear blue sea.  From here, you jump on the boat and approach Venice from the sea, surely the most magnificent way to arrive and appreciate the majesty of Venice.  Take in St Marks Square and enjoy a ride in a gondola.

 We travel by boat to Venice ….. What an Entrance

Day 3  …… Thursday 28th  We’re in Venice to really enjoy those little treats that are mainly unknown, here in Venice, like the ‘Bridge of Boobs’.  In the late 16th Century, Venice was home to the World’s greatest lover, Casanova. Venice traded in many goods and services at this time and you can visit  ‘The Bridge of Boobs’ where Courtesans would display their wares to the very rich and prosperous merchants as they passed by, as they too, were marketing their goods.

Day 4…… Friday 29th June ….We’re off to Bavaria 

After two nights in Venice, we journey North and have the opportunity of driving through the Brenner Pass to Bavaria.  This is a trip to paradise and these lads and  lasses know how to party.  As the beer flows, everyone, becomes everyone’s friend.  It’s tempting to pitch up here and call it home.

Day 5…….. Saturday 30th June

As the new day emerges, our destination will be the Black Forest but on the way there’s the fairy tale Castle where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was filmed and Walt Disney copied this castle for the one at Disneyland.  Further up the road, a medieval festival also is taking place commemorating the siege and it’s subsequent freedom in the 14th century.

This Bavarian Medieval  Festival just happens to be celebrated as we pass by

it’s as if they knew we would be coming.

We head North to a beautiful campsite with it’s own lake right in the middle of THE BLACK FOREST.  Although offically Black Bears haven’t been seen here for many years, our campsite is within a gated and secure area, ‘just in case’.  Wild boar still roam freely and make excellent German Sausages.

I don’t have any pictures of wild boar, but here’s an image of one of their close relatives.

There are many people who want to go on a challenging adventure but never do, but YOU are taking part in the Fireball Rally that is crammed with so much Adventure.  It’s here in the Black Forest on our last day together that the Trophies and Certificates are given out.  The Challenge of driving through Europe, the different cultures and the kindness of strangers will amaze you.   All this whilst you are also raising funds for YOUR favourite charity and having the best time ever.  You’ve become a Fireballer, done so much in a single week and made friends with other Fireballers ……. just Awesome.

Trophies for:

a) Most money gained for their chosen charity

b) Best and most interesting costume worn every day, all day

c) The most amazing Car Creation regardless of it’s age.

d) Most unlikely car to make it round.


Day 6……..Sunday 1st July

Calais is our destination, but surely we have time for lunch in Belgium’s medieval Bruges before catching the ferry/train home with great tales to tell.

GT Rally Brugges

And if you supported a charity on this trip,  




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