June 2022 – Dam Busters, Colditz Castle & Hitlers Eagles Nest Rally

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Fireball Rally is about challenging yourself to a new adventure, meeting new people and travelling across Europe seeing new sights.

Visiting some of the Second World War’s most iconic locations including a Dam Busters Target Dam, Colditz Castle, Hitlers retreat: ‘Eagles Nest’ and a V2 Rocket site whilst enjoying some of Europe’s most stunning Countries and Culture including the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle in Bavaria.

ALL CO-ORDINATES for everything here, and much more are provided by Fireball Rally Ltd, so you won’t miss a thing

Fireball Rally - Bouncing Czech Rally


 France – Belgium – Holland – Germany – Czech Republic – Austria – Liechtenstein – Switzerland – Luxembourg

9 Countries in 8 Days


This Rally is designed for Easy Navigation using GPS and is ideal for TomTom & Garmin SatNavs and Smart Phones.


This rally includes the return journey back to Calais


You’re not alone.

 Our experienced Fireball Rally Marshalls will be driving too.  It’s great to know that Expertise and Good Advice is only a fingertip away


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18th – 26th June 2022

Friday, 17th June – Pre-Rally Briefing – KENT.

Whilst this isn’t a Rally day, we have our Pre- Rally Briefing in Kent:  Time here for introductions, where all the Fireball Rally Drivers and Navigators from around Britain meet each other and are issued with their Car Decals.  This will be the first rally for some, so an overall briefing of  the Rally will be given in the Bar, including more detailed information on tomorrows leg of the rally.  For ease, this Rally is based on GPS navigation which is ideal for Garmin and TomTom SatNav’s as well as your Smart Phone.   Sat Nav coordinates will be explained along with more information on setting your Sat Navs for the assault on Europe as not every mountain has a post code.  As we’re in the bar area, we’ll all enjoy a couple of quizzes for teams to check their knowledge on continental driving……. and what you don’t know, you’ll find out here.  The excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins along with meeting fellow adventurers who will become your good friends.

The Rally begins tomorrow at the very moment your car tyres hit the French tarmac.

As always, there’s far more to see on our rallies than time permits, so choose carefully where you would like to go and even research things that don’t appear here.

Day 1  Saturday 18th June 2022

The excitement of driving abroad to complete the challenge begins as we head for France on our first day as Fireballers.


Buglers play ‘The Last Post’  in Rememerence of those who sacrified everything to protect Ypres from the ‘Hun’ at the Menin Gate, Ypres.  This ceromomy takes place every single night of the year at 8pm

We drive through Belgium to spend our first night in Germany. The Mohne Dam is nearby, still bearing the scars inflicted over 70 years ago.


Fireball Rally - Lancaster

The Dambusters – 617 Sqn – Operation ‘Chastise’

Fireball Rally

To use Barnes Wallis’s Bouncing Bomb to breach Germany’s Mighty Dams

Fireball Rally - Mohne-Dam

Depriving the Nazis War Effort of Industrial Power – the making of weapons

Day 2 Sunday 19th


Fireball Rally - Colditz

We heading East and pass Colditz Castle …. Stop?  Well, it would be rude not too.

Fireball Rally - Colditz Pat Read

Colditz Castle with British WWII POW’s.  Pat Reid 3rd  left.  You can stand at this very spot in this ‘Escape Proof’ Top Security Prison.

Fireball Rally - Colditz Airey Neave

A BRITISH OFFICER (Above in his disguise) – Using ingenuity by altering uniforms, Lt Airey Neave RA was the first British POW to escape from Colditz Castle in 1941, only to be later assasinated by the IRA in 1979.

Day 3 Monday 20th

& Day 4 Tuesday 21st

Two nights and a whole day in the Centre of old Bohemia: Prague, to enjoy a different culture.

We enter into the realm of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and remain within it as we travel through the Czech Republic and through Austria.  This great Empire was dissolved during the First World War and the Russian revolution claimed many of these countries for the Soviet Block.  Now the Russian Empire is crumbling,  we can visit countries which were behind the Iron Curtain for almost a hundred years.


Fireball Rally - Astronomical-Clock

The magnificent medieval town of Prague, was in the centre of Bohemia during the 10th Century and Good King Wenceslas gave alms to the poor.  He was especially popular on the 26th December…….so what special day is this?  Installed in 1410 ad,  Prague boasts the oldest working  Astronomical clock in the world showing the planets movements as well as the time.

Day 5 Wednesday 22nd


Fireball Rally - Church of Bones

We go South West heading towards Transylvania, stopping briefly where it’s considered normal to decorate a Christian Church interior entirely of human bones – the ceiling is adorned by skulls and chandeliers are a surgeons delight.  Is this the way to get closer to God?


Fireball Rally - Hitlers Eagles Nest

Plummeting South towards Austria and we visit Adolf Hitler’s country retreat, The Eagles Nest.  This is one of the most strikingly beautiful locations in Germany, if not all of Europe, and is steeped in history. Commissioned in 1937 by Reichsleiter Martin Bormann as a fiftieth birthday present for Hitler, the spectacular mountain eyrie spectacularly perched at the summit of the mountain in the Austrian Alps.


Fireball Rally - Von Trapp House

At  the bottom of these same alps, is  Salzburg, where the famous Vonn Trapp family lived. Yes the Von Trapps were real and they did use Music, and an enormous amount of courage to escape the Nazis regime, as shown in the film ‘The Sound of Music’.  You have the opportunity to visit the Von Trapp Mansion (above).

Day 6 Thursday 23rd

We’re as far South that we are going, but we are next to a true delight.  This castle which inspired Walt Disney’s Castle in Disneyland.

Fireball Rally - Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 7 Friday 24th


Fireball Rally - magalo

The Maginot line was a huge concrete wall with tunnels you can still enter, (this picture taken 2013)  that ran from Luxembourg to Switzerland, designed to keep the invading Nazis out.


Fireball Rally - Bulge Map

The Battle of the Bulge took place in December 1944  The German surprise attack caught the Allied forces completely off guard. The American forces  took more casualties here than for the entire war! The Nazi also sustained such huge losses that this attack brought the closing stages of the war even nearer.

AND IN THE EVENING : This will be our last night together, the magnificent Fireballers celebrate our great Adventure together.  We toast the Victory in Europe and take pride in our accomplishments.  This will be our last night but with certificates and trophies to be presented, lager flowing and music playing for the magnificent Fireballers.

Our Trophies aren’t quite as big as this BUT they are well deserved and treasured by all who receive them ……. it could easily be you.

Trophies for:

a) Most money gained for their chosen charity

b) Best and most interesting costume worn every day, all day

c) The most amazing Car Creation regardless of it’s age.

e) The car voted the least likely to make it this far.

Day 8 Saturday 25th On our way home

First World War Trenches

Fireball Rally - vimy-trenches

With the fresh air blowing away the cobwebs from last nights celebrations, we head North.  The Canadians still maintain their First World War trench system and underground tunnels.  As much fighting, listening and trench bombing was done underground as above.  You can go into this 100 year old tunnel system and wonder what kind of Hell it must have been, knowing it could collapse at the first sign of shelling.

The intrepid Fireballers are set for the journey home. Luxembourg is yet to be conquered before we all join together back on the homeward bound Ferry or Chunnel.  As we drive back and reflect on an amazing week we’ll all be wondering what themes our cars will take in next years rally.  Trust me, we’ll all keep in touch through Facebook as the next Fireball Rally approaches.

Visit this ‘The Block Haus’ which is on the way home, designed to send V-1 Doodle Bugs to annihilate London and rocket powered V-2’s to reach America.

Fireball Rally - V1

The Jet Powered V-1 Flying Bomb and the later  V-2  Powered by Rocket



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