2019 – Fun Run to the Sun – SPAIN

European Car Rally - Fireball Rally European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball Rally

SPAIN European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball Rally

An amazing European Car Rally with a briefing in Kent and an awesome adventure through France to the Sun Drenched beaches of SPAIN and the beautiful clear blue water of the Mediterranean.  A true journey of exploration ………

European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball Rally

European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball Rally

The Route to Sunshine


Easy GPS Navigation – ideal for Garmin & TomTom SatNav’s


You’re not alone.

 Our experienced Fireball Rally Marshalls will be driving too.  It’s great to know that Expertise and Good Advice is only a fingertip away. 


European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball Rally European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball Rally European Car Rally - Fireball Rally

Saturday 24th August 2019 . Pre-Rally Briefing……1st night

The Superheroes meet in Kent Meet and greet from 4pm in Kent.  Time here for introductions, where all the Fireball Rally Drivers and Navigators from around Britain meet each other and are issued with their Car Decals.  This will be the first rally for some, so an overall briefing of  the Rally will be given at 7pm in the Bar, including more detailed information on tomorrows leg of the rally.  Sat Nav coordinates will be explained here along with more information on setting your Sat Navs for the assault on Europe as not every mountain has a post code.  As we’re in the bar area, we’ll all enjoy a couple of quizzes for teams to check their knowledge on continental driving……. and what you don’t know, you’ll find out here.  The excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins here along with meeting fellow adventurers who will become your good friends.

The Run begins tomorrow at the very moment your car tyres drive onto French soil. Sunday 25th 1st Day Travelling South and close to Paris, the Palace of Versailles, home of French King Louis and ‘let them eat cake’ Queen Antoinette is waiting to be explored.  We’ll give you the coodinates for here, and just about everywhere else along the route – we don’t want you to miss a thing.

BREXIT?  See how we have helped our European neighbours in their time of crisis. We pass a World War II, V2 Rocket launching site where London was the target for these flying bombs, designed to kill civilians by the thousands …..

World War 2 …… V2 Rocket European Car Rally - Fun in the Sun Fireball RallyWorld War 1 Trenches & Underground Tunnels

Of course, as you’re driving through France, you may prefer to the First World War Trench and Tunnel Systems that are over a hundred years old but still safe to explore …….. Monday 26th 2nd Day We continue our adventure through France where mustard is grown and wine is harvested and tasted. The Pyrenees  and Andorra 

We continue to the Pyrenees mountain range……… but remember to leave a little time to get your passport stamped as you enter Andorra – it’s a rare one to have!!!

There’s a ski lift that takes you to the Nursery Slope that just happens to have the finest views you’ll ever see in the World.  As a tax haven, you’ll find the locals are stress free and the shops are tax free for your purchases …….. and the people here officially live longer than anyone else in the world.  If you choose to leave, you might ask yourself WHY?

Tuesday 27th  The super heroes have made it to Spain and to have driven to Barcelona where  Gaudi’s amazing Catherdral stands. Driving along the Costa Blanca, just brilliant.  ….. Success, and Certificates to mark this amazing achievement.  Spain is yours, from Banana Boat riding to Beach BBQs, Spanish Wine to authentic Paella.

The Mediterranean always looks inviting, and of course, Spanish nightlife is just amazing. Stay here for as long as you wish before returning home.  If you did want to come back with us, then you just might want to consider the Spanish Conquest Rally  which includes ALL the accommodation on the return leg as well as FREE tickets to ‘LaTomatina’ the Worlds greatest fun food fight and a visit to Amsterdam – See you on the Rally 👍
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Fireball European Car Rally is about challenging yourself to a new adventure, meeting new people and travelling across Europe seeing new sights. At the same time why not raise money for some great causes!