Rally Reunion 2021

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A Challenge like the Fireball Rally, whilst giving you both enjoyment and a real sense of adventure also has elements of endurance and self reliance, taking you away from the comfort of everyday routine and bringing out the ‘Can Do’ attitude within you. That feeling of a job ‘Well Done’ comes from overcoming every challenge that you meet along the road, …… And overcoming these discomforts is exactly what you did whilst supporting your favourite Charity …… This is why you should be very proud of being a FIREBALLER.

The Super Heroes Re-Unite

France – Belgium – Holland – Germany – Luxembourg. 

Exclusive to FIREBALLERS and their friends ……

To visit a place and then wonder what to do next …. NOT WITH THE FIREBALL RALLY

This is Just a small taster of what’s to see in Northern Europe. Our Information Sheets are becoming numerous from Historic places of distinction to famous breweries, from the Centre of the European Union to Cable Car rides and the Birth places of Noble figures, from F1 circuits to Medieval Towns to the places of European aggression to the sad conclusion at WWI & WWII cemeteries.

Thursday Evening 23rd Sept – Pre Rally Briefing

A secret location in Dover:

As you are all seasoned Fireballers, it’s a different format on this Rally. You can choose to drive down and catch the Ferry first thing Friday morning OR you can find your own accommodation with a comfy bed in Dover on Thursday evening. Just think, no tent to put away first thing on Friday morning, but you will have that opportunity over the next two nights in Europe 😂🤣. We will be staying in Dover that night and would love to meet you in our bar, it’ll be an opportunity for you to enjoy introductions with other Fireballers from previous Rallies and receive tomorrows co-ordinates and your Car Decals, although, as always, you’ll have the option to have your decals sent to you weeks before. For ease, this Rally is based on GPS navigation which is ideal for Garmin and TomTom SatNav’s.  For anyone with a new Sat Nav, we can help you set Co-ordinates in the bar so bring it with you. 😃. The excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins here.

Day 1 Friday, 24th Sept.

  Say “Farewell” to Blighty as The White Cliffs give way to the Aroma of Garlic, Snails giggling in sauté pans and little green Frogs being fitted up for wheelchairs …….. the Rally begins the moment your tyres hit the French soil

And we’re off ……..

The Canadians still maintain their First World War trench system and underground tunnels.  As much fighting, listening and trench bombing was done underground as above.  You can go into this 100 year old tunnel system and wonder what kind of Hell it must have been, knowing it could collapse at the first sign of shelling.

Bugler’s play ‘The Last Post’  in remembrance of those who sacrified everything to protect Ypres from the ‘Hun’ at the Menin Gate, Ypres.  This ceromomy takes place every single night of the year at 8pm

Bruges – The Venice of the North
Ghent – The Largest City in the whole of Europe until the 1500’s. Marvel at its wealth and stunning buildings
Amsterdam – The city of Culture where you can find everything of interest
Arnhem – The Netherlands

The Heineken Experience – Start as a grain of wheat to become a bottle of the finest
Another disused F1 Race Track, this time in Germany

Saturday 25th Sept ……..The Final night ‘Somewhere’ in Germany’.

This is the final evening together and although only one Magnificent Trophy (Most funds raised for Charity), you will enjoy being given your very own amazing Fireball Certificate of achievement, framed and flambouyantly presented.

Please feel free to take your own, everyday car on this great adventure

Sunday 26th Sept …….. Sadly, it is the Final Leg on the Final Day of our Reunion Rally 2021 ……… but wasn’t it an adventure.  Keep in touch with everybody on the Fireball Rally Facebook Group, and decide which rally you will be looking forward to next?

FIREBALLERS – Whilst this Rally is only £145pp, you can secure your place on the Rally Reunion with only £50 per team member.


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