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The Spanish Conquest – Tomato Fest Rally.


 The Magnificent Splendour of Versailles, The Brutal Horror of a WW11 French Town, The MOST INCREDIBLE FUN in the World’s Biggest Food Fight in Spain, a Sunshine trip along the Spanish Riviera of The Costa Brava.  An awesome ‘Game of Thrones’ film location  A stunning visit to Skiing Paradise & Tax Haven: Andorra, a Drive over the World’s Highest Major Road Bridge The Millau Viaduct, a night in Switzerland by Lake Geneva and a night of Culture in Amsterdam and all for Charity:  …….   What else would you prefer to be doing?


France – Andorra – Spain – Switzerland – Germany – Luxembourg – Holland – Belgium


Easy GPS Navigation – ideal for Garmin & TomTom SatNav’s



This rally includes the return journey back to Calais


You’re not alone

Our experienced Fireball Rally Marshalls will be driving too. It’s great to know that Expertise and Good Advice is only a fingertip away. 


Saturday 24th August 2019 . Pre-Rally Briefing……1st night

The Superheroes meet in Kent

Meet and greet from 4pm ……Our first night in this truly lovely Kent Campsite.  Time here for introductions, where all the Fireball Rally Drivers and Navigators from around Britain meet each other and are issued with their Car Decals.  This will be the first rally for some, so an overall briefing of  the Rally will be given at 7pm in the Bar, including more detailed information on tomorrows leg of the rally.  Sat Nav coordinates will be explained here along with more information on setting your Sat Navs for the assault on Europe as not every mountain has a post code.  As we’re in the bar area, we’ll all enjoy a couple of quizzes for teams to check their knowledge on continental driving……. and what you don’t know, you’ll find out here.  The excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins here along with meeting fellow adventurers who will become your good friends.

The Rally begins tomorrow at the very moment your car tyres drive onto French soil.

 Day 1…Sunday 25th August…it’s Calais to Bordeaux.

The FIRST LEG of the RALLY   

We arrive in Calais and now the Rally begins. Like a coiled spring, we’re off to find excitement and adventure.  


You might like to visit Versailles, just 10 miles from Paris,  palace to Louis XVI, where his lavish opulence caused riots as the peasants starved and Queen Marie Antoinette famously said “Let them eat cake”.  The Hall of Mirrors with Gold Leaf adorning the walls and ceiling are almost worth losing your head for?

Cabernet Sauvignor


We’re in the grape laden vines of Bordeaux region – A little wine tasting whilst in the area – It’d be rude not to sample some Cabernet Sauvignor or a little Merlot ………. life’s too short – take quality if it’s on offer.

Of course you may prefer to the First World War Trench and Tunnel Systems that are over a hundred years old but still safe to explore ……..

All these Interesting Sites and Events are in our Rally Briefing Pack along with their coordinates .

The Village of Evil. 

This entire market town was murdered by the Nazis SS as they moved North to attempt to repel the allied D-Day invasion.  The men of the village were lined up and shot, the women and children were herded into the church which was then set on fire, as was the whole village.  As a reminder of evil, this village has been preserved as it was found, the Doctor’s car remains where he parked it in June 1944 and the ruins of the village is there for your quiet reflection.

Day 2 Monday 26th…… The Pyrenees  and Andorra 

Then we continue to the Pyrenees mountain range……… but remember to leave a little time to get your passport stamped as you enter Andorra.  There’s a ski lift that takes you to the Nursery Slope that just happens to have the finest views you’ll ever see in the world.  As a tax haven, you’ll find the locals are stress free and the shops are tax free for your purchases and the people here officially live longer than anyone else in the world.  If you chose to leave, you might ask yourself WHY?

Day 3 Tuesday 27th and into Spain

Day 4 …..Wednesday 28th August – Its La Tomatina Time (Valencia)

As we head South into Spain towards Valencia …. the happy tomatoes are giggling in their pots with joy, tomorrow they are going to meet those wonderful British chaps and chapesses for the first time.  We camp here for two nights

 We get up early …… we want to have prime position – FUN FUN FUN is the name of the game – and don’t worry about the incredible mess, roughly 250 tons of over ripe tomatoes are used, as the local Fire Brigade will hose us down afterwards in the hot Spanish Sun – even that a is a huge laugh.

Filling and refilling your Ammunition – watch as you decimate the enemy

AND make friends with them …….. such an amazing adventure full of barking mad people.

But a really great and fulfilling day …. laughter – Fun – more laughter.  The most fun you’ll ever have with 2000 people taking part in the friendliest and biggest Food Fight Ever. You’ll remember this forever.

We leave the siege town in a state of tomato red. ….. until next year


And now to enjoy Spain ……….we travel along the Costa del Azahar (Orange Blossom Coast), the Mediterranean Sea looks so inviting, and there’s enough time to enjoy a well earned rest with a glass of wine.

 Gaudi’s Barcelona just waiting to be explored



Be sure to visit this stunning town before you leave Spain. Jaime Lannister galloped up these steps, and you can too.

Day 5 Thursday 29th………  tonight will be spent on the French Mediterranean 

 Driving over the Millau Viaduct.

   The Millau Viaduct is the world’s highest major road bridge.  Take pride, they needed a Brit (Sir Norman Foster) to design it and it’s fully endorsed by ‘Top Gear’ as one of the worlds greatest engineering achievements

Nearby this Huge Roman Aqueduct and Bridge, built WITHOUT mortar was ‘the state of the art’ in it’s time and remains just as remarkable 2000 years later.  For a sense of scale, there is a man standing just below the tree line across the river.

Day 6 Friday 30th …….. To the North

Taking in the beautiful sites of Europe as we travel in a NNE direction

Day 7 Saturday 31st Germany

As we head north to Amsterdam, the Nürburgring is not far from our route. Sadly it’s too early to know if we can blast around this Formula 1  Race Track that Nikki Laudi crashed and survived from in 1976.  But assuming it’s open as a track day, we’d recommend you to hire a car from the experts …….. this will ensure your trusty steed remains sound for the journey home 


Please feel free to take your own, everyday car on this great adventure – you’ll love it even more when you get back, but also be aware that we will be presenting trophies for those that go a little further, after all, we’re all doing this for Adventure, Charity and FUN.

    a) The least likeliest Car to actually achieve success – This will be a car worth less than £900.
    b) The Most Impressive Car Art …..If you’ve made it look like ‘Ghost Busters’ or the ‘Batmobile’ then you’re in with a chance.
    c) The Most Impressive Outfits worn all day, everyday ….. do this and the Trophy could be yours
    d) The Best Photo or Video taken and posted onto Facebook during the Rally.
    e) The Most Money Raised for their chosen CHARITY – This takes real dedication.

Day 8 Sunday 1st Sept

Our final night is in Amsterdam with everything  that Amsterdam offers, Tulips, Windmills, Clogs & Culture and, I’ve been told, a reasonably liberal attitude towards grown up relaxation and entertainment.  If this is true, then what an amazing final night for the Fireball Rally.

Day 9 Monday 2nd Sept…….. Last day and heading to Calais

With hours spare to explore even more of Amsterdam before heading to Calais.  We like to pop into Bruges, the stunningly beautiful Belgium town for a final drink & meal and you’re very welcome to join us.

With fresh air blowing away the cobwebs from last night’s fun, all the intrepid adventurers are set for the journey home.  Trust me, we’ll all keep in touch through Facebook as the next Fireball Rally approaches……..until  2020.


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