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Classic Car Rally ……. World Class & Top Gear Destinations.  The Famous Fireball European Rally is Adventure all the way!

Banger Rally

Banger Rally



Monte Carlo Rally

F1 Grand Prix Rally


24th – 30th  May 2024

Only £395pp

Arriving in time to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix, and visit Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Nürburgring (ex- F1), two other abandoned F1 Circuits and lots, lots more.  Our expertise will get you to the heart of the Grand Prix (GP), despite Monte Carlo being in total gridlock during the GP.   If you only ever get to see one  F1 Grand Prix in your life, make sure it’s the one at Monaco (007 James Bond territory) 


James Bond’s Switzerland


12th – 16th September 2024

Only £295pp

4 Incredible Days – 8 Amazing Countries …… This is ‘The 8 Counties Challenge’!!!  The James Bond’s Switzerland Run will take you from Mountain Top to Mountain Passes.  To overcome challenges with fellow Fireballers and visit Glaciers and Iconic 007 locations, makes this a truly exciting Adventure …….. with memories to cherish. 

The Amsterdam Experience

27th – 29th September 2024


Only £165pp

An awesome trip to conquer ALL that Amsterdam has to offer. If you like Pancakes, Mushrooms and Cafe’s you’re in for a treat, and  if a tour of the Hieneken Brewery is your thing, you’ll just love this Rally. And then there’s the night life ………



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