Charity Fund Raising ……. The 8 Countries Challenge is Awesome!

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We ARE the Charity Car Rally specialists providing a platform for Charity Fund Raising. This Fun Driving Holiday is a European Road Trip covering 8 countries, so we encourage you to take your own, everyday car for reliability, but if you wish to join our Banger Rally section – a car worth under £900, then there are trophies to be won for such recklessness during this amazing European Car Rally.

Europe Charity Challenge Rally,’ The Fireball Rally ‘ created to allow individuals & small teams to join together in an exciting tour through Europe, creating a HIGH FOCUS for sponsorship.

 Your  Charity Challenge

The Fireball Rally does NOT collect your charity money or have anything at all to do with your fund raising.  Whilst taking pride in your fund raising efforts you should be sure that your charity benefits entirely.

What We Provide

Good Advice and The Challenge of an adventurous Charity Rally through Europe, with other completely Barking Mad Nutters just like you, helping you support your favourite Charities in the most fun and dynamic way possible.  This is NOT a race, but a really great way to publicise, raise awareness, and collect sponsorship for your favourite Charity whilst Challenging yourself to visit as many countries as possible in a given time frame.  Always newsworthy for your local News Paper, go and visit them in your full fancy dress and raise even more awareness of the needs of your local Children’s Ward or for Cancer Research or Help for Hero’s or even to help your school out.

It’s important that your friends and sponsors know that you are entirely funding your adventure yourself, and that EVERY PENNY will go to your chosen charity…..and if they sponsor you online through specialist sites like   or   ‘Just Giving’,  they will be able to see just how well you are doing towards your target amount.

If your friends are giving, make sure the Government give too. Go online and find ………..  and follow their instructions to set up Your Charity Page.  They also claim tax back from the Inland Revenue through ‘Gift Aid’ for your charity efforts.  Some, like ‘Just Giving’ do take a small sum from this to fund their site.  Alternatively, using Sponsorship forms and collecting tins are both popular.

Finally, be organised,  there’s no time like the present… if someone agrees to sponsor you, immediately give them that slip of paper with your ‘Just Giving’ web link on it. or have your sponsorship form ready and ask for their donation now, to ” Save you bothering them in the future”.  You really will be surprised how generous your friends are if you give them the opportunity…..and don’t forget to thank all of them afterwards, with pictures on Facebook, it’ll make it so much easier next year as your friends ask “Where are you going this time?”.  GOOD LUCK.

Click  the link below for a Template for your Charity Fundraising and alter it to fit your Charity Effort, Countries and methods

SPONSORSHIP FORM   – please click here

A Good tip is to start your Sponsorship Form with a good amount, say £20.  If it starts with £2, chances are everyone else will also sponsor you £2.  So start with your Brother’s £20 sponsorship (he won’t mind) or £50 if you think this is the highest amount your friends are likely to sponsor you for.  This first amount will lead the others to give similar amounts. Enjoy your collecting with a big smile……your charity will love you for it.

Fireball Rally

Riding for the Disabled was our favourite Charity in 2013….What’s yours?

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