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We ARE the Charity Car Rally specialists providing a platform for Charity Fund Raising. This Fun Driving Holiday is a European Road Trip covering 8 countries, so we encourage you to take your own, everyday car for reliability as this is a Tour into Europe, but if you wish to join our Banger Rally section – a car worth under £900, then there are trophies to be won for such recklessness during this amazing European Car Rally.

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Fireball Rally featured on the ITV News in 2019:

Looking for an adventure but not sure, see one of the videos from our 2015 James Bond Swiss Run:

Also read how the Fireballers feel after completing the Fireball Rally:

1. James & Oli have just returned from the ‘James Bond’s Switzerland’ 2015 Run

Fireball Rally - James & Oli

Hi Greg,

Genuinely one of the greatest experiences of my life! I loved meeting everyone – the highlight was being able to convoy around with the two jags! Especially through Switzerland, I could have easily spent all 4 days there!


James Hyland

2. Mags is a professional Driving Instructor and joined us on the 2014 Venice Run, she and Alan enjoyed the adventure so much, they joined us on the 9 day 2015 Croatia Rally and are now booked onto the 2016 Spanish Conquest Rally for some hardcore Foodfest Tomato throwing. 

Fireball Rally

 Dear Greg & Sue

Well, what a time we had on your Fireball Rally!!

This was our first rally and we really didn’t know what to expect but looking idiots in our fancy dress, air horns at the ready, who cared!

Even with camping for the first time it was fab!  Brilliantly planned routes and camp sites with each destination serving beer and food on arrival to keep us campers happy!  On top of that there was Venice and Oktoberfest!!

The destinations were majestic to get to, with some great drives and stop offs on the way!  Our favourite was France to Italy via Montreux, Switzerland, that was truly the best drive we have had in life so far!!!

We loved the fact that all we had to do for the whole week, was to get to a destination you had given the previous night, time, speed, stops entirely dependent on our wish list of Europe.

We met some lovely people who were all a pleasure to be with for the week, as were you and Sue, just a shame that the dyslexic in me read mechanic not MEDIC for Chris, who was a great source of info. during the rally by the way!

The atmosphere on the last night was to party the night away with our fellow fireballers, stories to tell, laughter to be had and dinner and trophies on you……..   so party we did!!

We would do it all again!  Actually, we ARE doing it all again, we are doing the Croatia Rally 2015!!

Once a Fireballer always a Fireballer!!!


3. Paul (James Bond) is becoming a legend at Fireball Towers as he has been on 3 Fireball Rallies so far, and has completed the James Bond Bungee Jump at the Golden Eye Dam in Switzerland.

Fireball Rally - Paul Banks AKA Bungee Bond

Hi Greg & Sue. Thank you for the photos (of the Bungee Jump). Much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure on the Swiss Run. The scenery was stunning and we were blessed with lovely weather too. Taking part in the rally gives me the opportunity to meet new people & make new friends as well as the opportunity to visit many new & interesting places and countries. The camping aspect is a bonus too. It helps to make it more affordable & I have always enjoyed the challenge of camping. I enjoy driving, especially on roads I haven’t traveled on before with new & different things to see & visit.  Doing it in an older car adds to the apprehension! Will it make it or not? Doing the Bungee jump was a real bonus for me. Fear is temporary, achievement is forever. Thank you Greg & Sue for helping to make it that much more fun & possible. I now feel I really must do the next rally. So many new countries to visit.

Kind regards Paul Banks AKA Bungee Bond.

4. This was the very First Rally that James and Bonita have done

Fireball Rally - James & Bonita

Hi Greg,

Thought the rally was brilliant, really enjoyed it & all the wonderful places we went to see, and the people we met in the group – everyone was really friendly and happy.  Campsites were unbelievable, honestly was not expecting them to be so good. Great hospitality from the owners who made us all feel very welcome,  really did enjoy ourselves

Thank you 🙂 James Simmons-Crane & Bonita Corbet

Bonita added:-         Well, we arrived home shortly after midnight last night with nearly 3000 on our trip from door to door over 5 days… I had a fantastic time, saw some of the most beautiful places and the fireball rally group were great too, really nice meeting you all! My car flew down the autobahn at 150 mph and made it home with no problems

Bonita Corbett

5. Two teams of Jags  joined us the last day before we left and Kev decided his team name ‘Last Minute .com’ was appropriate, whilst Ste claimed the door number ’11:59′ , being the last minute to midnight for his Jag.

Fireball Rally

Hi Greg,

Team Last Minute had a great time and met some great people along the way. The roads/views in Switzerland where the highlight for me. Really enjoyed it all . The only thing I’d change is to have more time to see things but then again that’s an excuse to go again ha.

Thank you very much,  Kevin Mottram & Ste Shaw the 2 Jag teams

Fireball Rally

 ‘CRAZY COOTES’ Bo & Daisy Duke drive the ‘General Lee’ and come from the Deep South ………………We’re still hoping to see young Bo jump into the Gerneral through the window ……………………. it’s what we’d expect from a Yorkshire lad.

Fireball Rally - General Lee

Hello Greg n Sue

We had a great time, we loved every thing about it, the challenge, the exploration, the people – the works!.  Cant wait to do another one!

We have already been telling others how good it is. I hope you have a good n safe trip next week.

Thank you for your time n efforts.

Once a fireballer!!!

R S Pollard

Team Odd Job – Nick & Richard were real gentlemen ….. but we did our best to knock that out of them.

Fireball Rally - Nick & Dick

Team Odd Job Swiss FireBall Rally Update – Well that was an awesome four days doing this year’s James Bond Swiss Fireball Rally. On the last day yesterday we ended up doing 467 miles from Germany to home and although the rain threatened a few times thankfully we had another day where the roof didn’t go up. In total we drove just short of 2,000 miles from door to door and over those miles we traveled through some truly stunning, and some not so stunning places along the way. …Switzerland, Italy and Austria are definitely one’s to return re-visit in the future. Both myself and Nick Turner want to thank each and every sponsor for your support and the fantastic amount of money you helped raise for CLIC Sargent. We are sure it will go a long to help all those that benefit from the great work they do. Thanks go to Greg Warwick & Sue Warwick for all their hard work getting the event to happen. Finally and perhaps most importantly, along the way we met some great other Fireballer’s who we look forward to meeting again on the next trip . . . . .Once a Fireballer always a Fireballer . .

Richard How

TOP TIP from : Viv & Neil

Fireball Rally - Neil and viv

Viv Spencer We did it this year, u will luv it, I would really recommend an early start on the Swiss day and a trip on the schilthorn cable car ride, where on Her Majesty’s Secret service was filmed. Get to the top of the alps at lunchtime and have lunch in the revolving restaurant

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