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We ARE the Charity Car Rally specialists providing a platform for Charity Fund Raising. This Fun Driving Holiday is a European Road Trip covering 8 countries, so we encourage you to take your own, everyday car for reliability as this is a Tour into Europe, but if you wish to join our Banger Rally section – a car worth under £900, then there are trophies to be won for such recklessness during this amazing European Car Rally.

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We are Charity Rally Specialists and ‘The Fireball Rally ‘ was created to allow individuals & small teams to join together for an economical and exciting tour through Europe.  The Challenge of reaching many countries in a week creates a HIGH FOCUS on sponsorship for your Chosen Charity.  ‘Take the 8 Counties Challenge – 8 Countries in 4 days’ for your charity.


Whether you take your own everyday car for reliability, OR decide to really commit to the Challenge and create a wondrous work of art with a car worth less than £900 will be your choice. 

There’s Trophies to be won, so to inspire you – just a few Crazy Cars shown here  

Mad Max – AKA Mark & Mick

SPITFIRE flown by Tom & Sam

The Kirkthorpe Cavemen  who were voted by their peers to have the most ‘Impressive Fancy Dress’, ‘The Most Impressive Car Art’ and raised £1000’s for the Burns Unit in Kirkthorpe.

Although not a race, you will be given the Sat Nav Coordinates for each leg of the rally, usually the next evenings Campsite, where we all meet up again and share our stories of bravery or discoveries.  During the day, you can use any route you desire, allowing you to enjoy the Crazy Culture of our European Cousins who always have interesting things to see, visit or experience, and with the exception of the James Bond’s Switzerland Rally, we will spend at least one full day at our  destination.  You will remember this one week as a Fireballer for the rest of your life.   

Terms and Conditions are at the bottom of this page – Please read them and satify yourself that you are comfortable with them as they form part of our agreement with you.


You’re not alone.

Our knowledgeable Fireball Rally Marshalls will be driving too, so it’s great to know that  Expertise and Good Advice is only a fingertip away. 




* Prices Quoted are based on a standard 4 door car (max dimensions: 4.8m long x 1.8 wide and 1.4m high) with a minimum of 2 people and one 4 berth tent or two 2 berth tents.  Other vehicle and combinations are fine, BUT please let us have the details as soon as possible and we will confirm whether there will be any minor price differences: tel: 07976 362436.




 Monte Carlo Rally 

May 2019:

Only £345 per person – Monte Carlo Rally.

It’s twice as long as the 4 day Swiss Rally, but only costs a little more.  With so much more to see including the Mediterranean,  this 8 day Rally includes the additional meeting/pre-rally briefing Campsite in Kent, and every Campsite during the Rally. This Rally is a circular route which starts in Calais, continues through Europe and  finishes back in Calais.



Spanish Conquest Rally

August 2018:

Only £395 per person – Spanish Conquest – Tomato Fun Fight.  

Incredible value, this 9 day Rally includes the additional meeting/pre-rally briefing Campsite in Kent, and every Campsite during the Rally. This Rally is a circular route which starts in Calais, continues through Europe and  finishes back in Calais.




2019 – James Bond Run

Sept 2018:

Only £225 per person – James Bond Swiss Run.

Switzerland has many World Class Roads and Passes that climb high and are amazingly stunning   including the awesome Grimsel & Furka Passes which feature in 007’s Goldfinger.  Will you take up the James Bond Challenge and support a charity whilst enjoying 007’s iconic locations.  These include the Golden Eye Dam and the OHMSS Restaurant at the Top of the World. We even drive the awesome (Top Gear’s “World’s most Amazing Road”) Stelvio Pass.



What to do Next

Either request more info with your Name, Address and email to the link at the bottom of this page, or send a deposit of £50 pp to secure your place on your favourite Fireball Rally using the PayPal link, also at the bottom of this page.

Any queries, questions or just fancy a chit chat to get the ‘feel’ of how it all works, just ring us on 07976 362436 and our friendly team will always do their best.

Our Destinations

With the exception of the James Bond’s Switzerland Run, every Rally will always Stop for at least One whole Day at the Prime Destination for you to really enjoy it.

Why a circular route?

 With any journey or adventure, you’ll always want to come back home.  The Fireball Rally and The Fireball Run always complete a circular route that goes to our prime destination, AND brings you back again, which simply extends our time and enjoyment even further.

To try and sell your right hand drive car in left hand drive Europe is nuts,  and then have to book a flight back seems to be poor way to end an exciting adventure –  OR drive back with the trouble and expense (between £60 – £190 per night) of finding a bed for the night, every night, on your way back home, and alone in a foreign country. The Fireball Rally route will always continue back to Calais and provide a campsite for each night of the rally along the route.

Channel Crossing (not included)

As all the rallies begin in Calais and finishes in Calais, you can choose any method to get there.  Both P&O Ferries and Euro Tunnel would be an obvious choice, but please don’t let me stop your creative endeavours.  Whilst this is not included in the Fee, we do negotiate a discount every year with the Ferry company.  All up to date details on Ferry dates, times of sailing and getting your discount can be found on our Facebook Fireball Rally Group: in the ‘Pinned Post’ at the top of the page.  Any difficulties at all in claiming your discount, please ring me 07976 362436. 

Good Advice

We have six pages of ‘Top Tips’ in our Famous Information Pack from how to get the FREE use of a car, to really great prices ( £42) on European Breakdown Recovery- (your car back to Britain & use of a hire car), to Ferry discounts for all on the rally, to what medical entitlements you have abroad.  The Fireball Rally really does more.  You’ll always find us at the end of a phone for advice, queries or just to give you some encouragement between 11am – 8pm:- 07976 362436.  Our knowledgeable Fireball Rally Marshalls will travel too so it’s great to know that expertise and good advice is only a fingertip away during the Rally.


Why Camping? (Included)

We only use quality Campsites – Clean Hot Showers and Toilets and mostly with swimming pools.  We choose campsites that are on the sides of beautiful lakes or even the Mediterranean Sea wherever possible, and with the Fireball Rally, the campsites are FREE to you, which makes the Fireball Rally very affordable as well as fun. You’ll need to beg, borrow or even buy a tent and sleeping bag for your adventure abroad but what a fantastic week you’ll have with your fellow Fireballers.

DID YOU KNOW: you can do a similar rally, but uses hotels throughout and visits the Munich Oktoberfest  GT Rally – Oktoberfest


What you need – the minimum 

1. A friend to go with and your own everyday car …….. or a friend with a car …… everything good in life is always better shared

2. A SatNav ….. taking a map is handy, allowing you to follow the road within a ‘bigger’ picture, BUT we use GPS so that Sat Nav’s like Garmin or TomTom fitted with European maps to cover all the countries on the Rally will get you to the exact road you need.

3. With the Fireball Rally, the campsites are FREE to you, which makes the Fireball Rally very affordable as well as fun. You’ll need to beg, borrow or buy a tent and sleeping bag for your adventure abroad but what a fantastic week you’ll have with your fellow Fireballers.



and be part of something amazing:





We’d love you to really enjoy this exciting Rally and to add a little sparkle, zest and intrigue, choose a category/trophy to aim for from the list below and make it even more memorable.

Please note that whilst our trophies aren’t quite as big as Andy Murray’s, they are given with pride and  cherished by their owners for the acknowledgement of  determination, endurance and amazing sense of achievement.

There will be Five  trophies to win from categories: A.) to E.) below: 

So…… put your interpretation on these descriptions;

Firstly, Please feel free to take your own, everyday car, (just using our stickers) on this great adventure – you’ll love your car even more when you get back: 

But also be aware that we will be presenting trophies for those that go a little further, after all, we’re all doing this for Adventure, Charity and FUN.


A.) Trophy for the least likeliest Car to actually achieve success – This will be a car worth less than £900. 
B.) Trophy for the Most Impressive Car Art …..If you’ve made it look like ‘Ghost Busters’ or the ‘Batmobile’  or even ‘Mad Max’s’ then you’re in with a chance.

C.) The Most Impressive Outfits worn all day, everyday ….. do this and the Trophy could be yours D.) The Best Photo or Video taken and posted onto Facebook during the Rally.
E) The Most Money Raised for their chosen CHARITY – This takes real dedication.

Of course you can really push the boat out and win EVERYTHING

You’ll make lasting friendships and you’ll remember this trip for the rest of your life

Join the rush in meeting some great friends on an awesome adventure across Europe.  It shouldn’t cost you a fortune but it should be worthwhile, so do it for Charity and we’ll help you every step of the way.


Terms & Conditions

Please note our straightforward terms and conditions;

1. Just like driving in Britain, you will be driving your vehicle, (not us) and you must be very clear that you will be entirely responsible for your actions, decisions and outcomes including road safety during this trip, and you will be required to sign a disclaimer reflecting this before departure.

2. Just like driving in Britain, and, as it will be your vehicle that is used, you are responsible for it’s roadworthiness and maintenance and all associated documents, including a valid driving licence, insurance and, should it be necessary,  breakdown recovery and repatriation.

3. Punctuality.  Whilst we have designed the Fireball Rally to be very flexible, allowing you to travel at your own pace and to see the sights that you would like to see, there are some Key Times that you must meet, such as Channel Crossing departures, Campsite departures.  These times are your responsibility.

4. A deposit of £50 per person is required to secure your place on the Fireball Rally.  Deposits are non refundable but are transferable to a friend not already booked to go, or you may transfer your deposit to another Fireball Rally or GT Rally up to twelve months from your original rally date, providing no expenses have already been paid on your behalf, ie Campsite pitches, car decals made for your team etc.

5. The balance of the Fireball Rally fee must be paid and cleared at least 5 weeks before our Meet & Greet in Kent.

6. In case of any disputes between any parties, we will try our hardest to resolve issues in a fair and just manner. We hope that you will be just as reasonable.  We’ve never had a problem , but ‘just in case’.  Ultimately, our judgement will be the final word.

7. By paying your deposit or completing and returning the registration forms, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions and release the Directors of any responsibility for any costs, damages or injuries, howsoever caused.

8. Standards of dress: Whilst your creativity is always admired and the sense of fun is encouraged at every level, occasionally a costume may be showing a little more flesh than you would normally wear whilst shopping in Harrods.  In the interest of fun (and we know that you don’t want to offend ANYONE) please do not show more flesh than a tastefully worn bikini (or mankini).

9. You join our rally accepting ALL these Terms and Conditions.

Require more information? Just send an email with your name, address and the name of the Rally which inspires you the most


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