A Really Fun Holiday In Europe With A Big Difference!

If you fancy a European holiday where you can take part in something amazing for a lot less than staying in a hotel, while at the same time raising money for your local charity, then consider joining in the European Classic Car Rally that we organise at Fireball Rally.

Every year, we arrange several such rallies that anyone can join in by simply paying a fee. Our rallies start at Calais (you have to get there on your own), and then run around different countries in Europe over a period of up to 8 days, staying at a campsite at the end of each day. You can use your own car, borrow your dad’s (if he will let you!), or buy an old banger and do it up with silly decorations, or whatever you wish. The only proviso is that you need something that is not going to break down every ten minutes!

There is a fee to join in, but once you have paid that, every penny that you raise from friends and relatives, and everyone else from whom you can cadge a bob or two, is yours to donate to the charity of your choice.

The campsites that we use are all top class, and free to use. They mostly have bars and restaurants, swimming pools, hot showers, and obviously toilets, so everything is included. All you need to do is to navigate your way from the first one to the next, and so on. When we say navigate, that’s true as well. You can choose your own route between the campsites.

Free Polo Shirts And Windscreen Stickers

When you join in our European Classic Car Rally, or one of the others, you get a free polo shirt with the rally destination on it, windscreen sticker with your chosen team name, for you and your partner (Ipswich Idiots anyone?), a Fireball Radio (£20 deposit, refundable) so that you can talk to team-mates on the trip, car decals, and more. Our Fireball Rally marshals will also be driving as well, so you can get any advice or tips that you need. 

As you can readily see, it’s all about having a good time, visiting a lot of countries, and raising money while you do it. You have to pay for your ferry to Calais and back, but we have negotiated discounts for you.

Not only that, but you can win trophies as well! These are for the most money raised for a charity, the best photo or video taken on the trip, the most impressive car art (do it up in any way you like), the most impressive costumes worn each day (dress up as stupid as you please!) and the car least likely to achieve success!

What could be better? A really unusual fun holiday with others of a similar mindset and helping your charity at the same time!