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The F1 Grand Prix Rally 2025

This entire Rally, traveling with other like minded Grand Prix enthusiasts on a real adventure through Europe will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Pre-Rally Briefing Thurs 22nd May 2025 in Kent

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a true ‘Monte Carlo Rally’

   France – Monaco – Italy – Austria – Liechtenstein – Germany – Luxembourg – Belgium


Easy GPS Navigation – ideal for Garmin & TomTom SatNav’s



This rally includes the return journey back to Calais


We take you to the Monaco Grand Prix and many other Grand Prix destinations with amazing expertise.  We will get you into the heart of Monaco, despite it being in gridlock  and then onto an adventure through Europe with a fantastic band of like minded enthusiasts who will quickly become your friends … what’s not to like ??

Pack your bags … we’re going on an adventure !!!

the Best things in life are shared


You’re not alone

 Our experienced Fireball Rally Marshalls will be driving too.  It’s great to know that Expertise and Good Advice is only a fingertip away


Roughly Half the Rally is here …. there’s so much more as the days unfold and each leg of the Rally is revealed

1st night …  Thursday EVENING 22nd May – Pre Rally Briefing

The Superheroes meet in Kent

Pre- Rally Briefing in Kent.  Time here for introductions, where all the Fireball Rally Drivers and Navigators from around Britain meet each other and are issued with their Car Decals.  This will be the first rally for some, so an overall briefing of the Rally will be given in the Bar, including more detailed information on tomorrows leg of the rally.  For ease, this Rally is based on GPS navigation which is ideal for Garmin and TomTom SatNav’s.   Sat Nav coordinates will be explained along with more information on setting your Sat Navs for the assault on Europe as not every mountain has a post code.  As we’re in the bar area, we’ll all enjoy a couple of quizzes for teams to check their knowledge on continental driving……. and what you don’t know, you’ll find out here.  The excitement and anticipation of a great adventure begins along with meeting fellow adventurers who will become your good friends.

The Rally begins tomorrow at the very moment your car tyres hit the French tarmac.

Day 1… Friday 23th Calais to Burgundy.

The Rally begins – and there’s time for Versailles or Romantic Paris

Sumptious Hall of Mirrors in Versailles,  home of Cake eating Marie Antoinette

The Romance of Paris

 Day 2… Saturday 24th Burgundy to the French Riviera.

Millau Viaduct

The World’s tallest bridge had the Top Gear team in awe.  Designed by Englishman, Sir Norman Foster, the French built this incredable and beautiful viaduct which is often higher than the clouds, for you to enjoy and drive over.

Pont Du Gard Aquaduct

The Tallest aquaduct the romans ever built, and entirely without concrete.  For scale, there is a man in a white shirt between the shore line and the tree line.  You will be amazed at the sheer size and graceful splendour of this incredable structure.


Driving through France, this is wine making country, and there are vineyards to be visited, wine to be tasted and enjoyment to be had.

Congratulations, after two days of driving, you have arrived and completed the outward leg of the famous Fireball F1 Grand Prix Rally…….Stage 2, later on, will take us all home again, but for now it’s the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera and fellow Fireballers .

Day 3… Sunday 25th Monte Carlo, Monaco.

We wake up with a whole day to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix, which looks as though it was organised especially for us to enjoy.

If you only go to one Grand Prix in your life, make sure it’s the Monaco Grand Prix, with Formula 1 thoroughbred cars racing though the everyday streets of Monte Carlo.

If Formula One Racing isn’t your thing,  take a leisurely drive along the French Riviera and top up your tan in the sands of St Tropez and sunbathe in the glow of Bridget Bardot and the Jet Set .

 Day 4… Monday 26th Monaco to Pisa

We travel along the French and Italian Riviera’s to Pisa.  You could take the Grand Corniche, a military road built by Napoleon and the place where Princess Grace of Monaco tragically lost her life.

The Grand Corniche also features in Quantum of Solace as Bond loses the driver’s door of his Aston Martin in typically dramatic style.


Leaning since the thirteenth century, survived numerous wars and remains a stunning white.  Don’t you think it’s about time you gave it a PUSH?


Don’t miss the Magnificent Ferrari Museum just outside Pisa.  We’ll give you the coordinates just like everywhere else.  We don’t want you to miss a thing.

Ferrari 458 Italia

You can take part in the Ferrari Racing Simulator.  This is a palace to pay homage to Ferrari ….love them or hate them, they have made a huge impact on modern car design.

Day 5… Tuesday 27th We leave Pisa. 

Heading towards Liechtenstein ….. and if the roads are clear of snow, this could be your chance to visit another Top Gear favourite, the Stelvio Pass, but check the Stelvio website first for updates.


Be sure to get a Stamp in your Passport here …. it’s a very rare one

The people of the stunning little Principality of Liechtenstein officially live longer than anywhere else on Earth.  It might be due to not being in the EU, or it could be the Tax Haven savings, but here’s your chance to buy Brand New, Duty Free Goods ………. perhaps you’ll live a little longer knowing you had a bargain.  There’s a Cable Car that takes you to a Golf Course with the finest views and coffee in the Club House … All are welcome

Day 6…Wednesday 28th The Black Forest.

The Museums of Porsche and Mercedes are both in Germany and just happen to be on our way as we travel North ……… You won’t be disappointed, they’re magnificent and a fantastic tribute to German engineering and design!!!

Porsche 919 Le Mans winner

AMG GT3   0 to 60 in 3 Seconds

Then onto our last campsite in the Black Forest which is truly amazing.  Bears and Wolves haven’t been seen here recently, but Wild Boars still roam.

A close relative to the Wild Boar (Uncle I think)

This is the final evening together and it’s also The Fireball Rally Awards evening with Certificates and Trophies to be presented.


Our Trophies aren’t quite as big as this BUT they are well deserved and treasured by all who receive them ……. it could easily be you.

Please feel free to take your own, everyday car on this great adventure – you’ll love it even more when you get back, but also be aware that we will be presenting trophies for those that go a little further, after all, we’re all doing this for Adventure, Charity and FUN.


a) The least likeliest Car to actually achieve success – This will be a car worth less than £900.

b) The Most Impressive Car Art …..If you’ve made it look like ‘Ghost Busters’ or the ‘Batmobile’ for example, then you’re in with a chance.

c) The Most Impressive Outfits worn all day, everyday ….. do this and the Trophy could be yours

d) The Best Photo or Video taken and posted onto Facebook during the Rally.

e) The Most Money Raised for their chosen CHARITY – This takes real dedication.

Day 7… Thursday 29th – Back to Calais.


Although we cannot guarantee it, the Nürburgring race track should be open as a track day.  Latest information can always be gleaned at

Make haste into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of Europe’s smallest Countries where you’ll get more fuel for your Euro, then off to Belgium as you find time for a last drink in the historic medieval Bruges, a magnificent and beautiful town that serves you Flemish food from one of its many ‘people watching’ cafe’s or restaurants that flank the ancient square. What a great way to enjoy this final leg of the rally.

The Square in Medieval Bruges

Sadly, it is the Final Leg on the Final Day of the Monte Carlo Rally 2025 ……… but wasn’t it an adventure.  Keep in touch with everybody on the Fireball Rally Facebook Group, and decide which rally you will be looking forward to next?

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Fireball Rally is about challenging yourself to a new adventure, meeting new people and travelling across Europe seeing new sights. At the same time why not raise money for some great causes!

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