Classic Car Rallies: Keep the Legacy Alive

Cars can get old but they can never be forgotten. A classic car rally will always keep the fire of these classic cars alive and burning.

The standard classic cars are used and showcased in each of these events.  Basically, the cars used were manufactured from the 1950s to the 1980s. Any car manufactured before this time is considered vintage.

Classic car rallies, which are also commonly known as historic rallies are an affordable way of motorsport available in the 2020s

People wanting to take part should have a 100% standard car and proper knowledge about maps and timings. That’s all you need!

Is your car a classic car?

There is no fixed definition of a classic car. Many car enthusiasts fondly regard an aged vehicle with a rich historical background as a classic car.

To give you a quick sense of things, a car earns its classic status once it hits the 15-year mark. Typically, these classic cars come with a price tag exceeding £15,000.

Here is a great news. If your car is between 40 and 45 years old and in good condition for a rally, you won’t have to worry about paying the Vehicle Excise Duty road tax!

Why are these rallies loved so much?

Historic rallying stands out as a popular form of motorsport, featuring cars produced before the end of 1967 (Historic) and 1974 (Post-Historic). The purpose of a classic car rally is to meet old friends and re-live those old times.

These include special tests, navigating exercises, which sometimes extend into nighttime adventures, and regularity sections. While the competitive spirit always burns bright, it’s worth noting that the social aspect of these events is equally significant.

Unsurprisingly, historic rallying is currently the fastest-growing segment in motorsport. It’s the perfect place to begin for those who are getting started with their love for motorsport.

Remember this before getting started

  • Get your car a check-up before the rally
  • Talk to your co-driver to discuss your roles
  • Go for a rehearsal drive
  • Carry spare parts
  • Get your insurance in place

Experience the Golden Days

Participating in a historical rally is like going back in time and experiencing the Golden Era of car manufacturing. The classic car driving experience is beyond compare.

Leave electronic control units and traction assistance behind as you take the wheel of a vintage gem. These exhilarating experiences are available at several rally events across the UK and are a dream come true for both adults and younger enthusiasts.