Join Our Amazing Four-Day James Bond Rally!

At Fireball Rally we have an amazing European Road Trip set up for you in 2024. The James Bond Challenge runs for four days from September 12th to September 16th and visits many of the sites where films such as Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Goldeneye were filmed. You get to see historic film settings while at the same time raising money for your favourite charity.

Participants meet up in Kent on the evening of September 12th (Thursday) for a briefing, before heading across the water to Calais on Friday morning. As it’s a rally, not a race, you can drive anything that you like, including your family transport, an old banger that you have tarted up to make it look fun, your Maserati, or anything else that you wish.

We are now heading down to Switzerland. On the way you can visit a V2 Rocket Blockhouse in France that was designed to send us flying bombs in WWII. Or if you prefer something more magical, what about the palace of the Sun God in Versailles?

On Saturday morning you can visit the top of the mountain accessible by cable car next to the Eiger and stop over for lunch at the revolving restaurant which was the fortress of Blofeld in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It stands at a height of 9,786 feet above sea level. Driving up and down these mountain passes takes a certain amount of concentration, but the scenery is absolutely magical.

Drive up the Furka Pass which featured in Goldfinger with the Aston Martin DB5 of Bond and the Ford Mustang in the chase sequence which had the whirring wheel nuts.

INSIDE A Glacier!

Have you ever been inside – yes inside – a real glacier? Well, after this stage of our European Road Trip, you will be able to recount the experience to your friends and family.

The best is yet to come – depending how you look at it. You can have the opportunity to carry out the bungy jump as featured in Golden Eye. Not everyone has the nerve to do this, but just imagine how much extra you can get from your charity sponsors if you do so! Maybe ask for £50 or £100 each for carrying out the feat of your lifetime! They won’t all contribute, but many will.

On Sunday, you can visit the castle where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was filmed. The original car was called Chitty Bang Bang and was built in 1920 using a Mercedes chassis and an engine that was used in Zeppelins! It won two races at Brooklands in 1921.

Then it’s on to our final night at a campsite in the Black Forest where the certificates and trophies for winners will be handed out,before travelling on through Luxembourg and Belgium to catch the ferry home at Calais.