How to Wisely Manage Your Money and Pack Your Bags For the Road

The Banger Rally 2024 is just around the corner. Adapting to spending and expenses while actually on the Banger Rally road trip presents its challenges too: 

Track expenses – Use apps or notebooks to log every purchase, no matter how small. This keeps you aware of when budgets might be getting tight. 

Share costs – Set up a kitty for fuel, camping fees and other shared costs that every member contributes an equal amount to at pit stops along the way.  

Pay with cash – It’s easy to swipe mindlessly with cards. But doling out actual cash makes you hyper-aware of the value received. 

Watch the extras – Small treats like convenience store snacks, coffee runs and bar drinks ratchet up costs substantially over the full rally. Resist temptation.

Packing Tips & Essentials for Weeks on the Banger Rally Road

In addition to budgeting, packing correctly is the other foundation for Banger Rally’s success. You’ll need supplies to handle multiple climates and conditions over several weeks on the road. Since storage space is limited in your scrappy rally vehicle, it’s also essential to plan compactly and strategically.

The first step is breaking down gears into logical categories based on rally needs:


  • Variety for all weather – layers, rain jackets, winter accessories
  • Mix of rally uniforms and casual outfits
  • Comfortable shoes – hiking boots, trainers


  • Tent, thermal sleeping bags, pads, pillows   
  • Eye masks, ear plugs

Hygiene & Medicines 

– Soap, toilet paper, medications, first aid kit

Food & Water 

– Non-perishables, cans, dehydrated meals 

– Cooking stove, fuel, cutlery  

– Water containers & purifying tablets


– Phones, chargers, batteries

– Maps, atlases, GPS units  

Vehicle Support:

– Toolkits, jumper cables, tow straps 

– Spare tyre, engine oil, duct tape  

We’ve aggregated must-have item checklists:

Central Administrative Tools & Spares:

  • Ziplock with copies of key documents – e.g. passports, rally registration, insurance paperwork, licenses
  • Waterproof pouch with debit cards, emergency cash, coins for tolls 
  • Multi-country wall plug adaptors + extension cord
  • Duct tape, zip ties, WD40, electrical tape, spare fuses
  • Zippo lighter, pocket knife, paracord, bungee cords

Clothing / Outerwear:

  • Rain poncho or rain jacket per team member 
  • A pair of waterproof pants each
  • A warm microfleece each 
  • 4 t-shirts per person
  • 2 long sleeve tops each 
  • 2 pairs of trousers/jeans each
  • 8-10 pairs of underwear and socks per person

Hopefully, this guide has alleviated any worries over restrictions that smart budgeting or packing might impose on your Banger Rally 2024 plans. May it start with prudent planning before transcending out there on the continent’s open roads