If you want to raise money for your favourite charity and enjoy a wonderful touring holiday on the Continent, then the Fireball Rally is the very thing for you.

We have been organising car rallies in Europe for several years and we have found that once people have been on their first run, all they want to do is do it again! What could be better than having a holiday, a load of fun, seeing various different countries, and at the same time raising money for your charity?  

You can use your own car, whether it’s your everyday car or an old banger. Certainly, it does need to be in good enough mechanical condition to drive a couple of thousand miles over 8 days, although some rallies are less, but it can be “dressed up” in any way that you choose. (Many of our regular participants consider that the more stupid their vehicle looks, the better!).

Free Campsites

We stop at campsites on the trip, so you will need a tent, sleeping bag, and airbed, but the use of the sites themselves is free for Fireball Rally participants. You won’t need to cook because all the campsites have bars and restaurants available, along with showers, toilets, etc. All rallies start and finish at Calais, but how you get there is up to you. (We do negotiate discounts with the ferries).

One of our most popular trips is the Charity Banger Rally. You don’t have to use an old banger, but if you do, it has to be valued at less than £900. You can choose your own team-name, so for instance, you might call yourselves the “London Loonies”, the “Chester Charlies”, or perhaps the “Manchester Maniacs”. You get the idea.

When you join the Charity Banger Rally you get a free T-shirt for you and your partner with the Fireball Rally Crest on the front and the tour destinations on the back. You also get car decals to identify your car and your car number (which you can choose) on rally number discs, along with Fireball Rally stickers. You can also use a free Fireball Radio to keep in contact with others (£20 deposit, fully refundable).

Choose Your Own Route

Here’s another thing: You can choose your own route too! All you need to do is ensure that you arrive at the next campsite.

Not only that, but there are prizes as well! You can win a trophy for the most impressive car art, the most money raised for your charity, the most impressive costumes worn each day, the car least likely to achieve success (!), and the best photo posted on Facebook during the rally.

So, what’s not to like? Book your spot on our Charity Banger Rally and be prepared for a great fun trip!