Why You Must Participate in Road Trip Rallies

Is your daily routine leaving you craving excitement? Are you seeking an epic challenge unlike anything you’ve undertaken before? A cross-continent road trip rally in Europe may be just the adrenaline rush you need!

Imagine spending days behind the wheel, freely navigating the open highway as you traverse iconic landscapes across Europe. Make your way from major capital cities to tiny remote villages, with stops at both famous landmarks and delightfully obscure oddities. Taking on fun challenges at designated checkpoints to earn points and glory. Bonding like best mates with your teammates while accumulating inside jokes and adventurous stories to last a lifetime.

Meet Fellow Adventure Seekers

Striking up conversations with strangers in diners, comparing notes with other teams at checkpoints and bringing out each other’s competitive edge through challenges forging instant connections and friendships.

Create Memories for a Lifetime

From stunning natural wonders to wacky roadside attractions – the varied landscape of America provides something to marvel at around every turn. The challenges, activities and people met along the way promise hilarious stories to tell for years.

Accomplish Something Epic

Completing a cross-country drive taking the interstate is one thing. Embarking on a 2-week rally adventure covering thousands of miles on your route full of daily challenges? That’s epic bragging rights!

Rally Essentials

To take on a lengthy rally road trip, strategic preparation and packing help ensure smooth driving.

Choose The Right Wheels

Opt for a roomy, comfortable vehicle that can handle long hauls. SUVs provide ample space to stretch out plus luggage room. Performance cars deliver thrill on twisty sections. Minivans work for larger teams.

Prepare Emergency Equipment

Pack a roadside safety kit complete with reflectors, jumper cables, tire inflator and basic tools. Bring copies of all emergency contacts, insurance and medical info. Leave an itinerary with a contact at home as well.

Load UP ON Tunes & Snacks

Stay charged up for hours behind the wheel with driving playlists and mid-drive energy bites within arm’s reach.

Have Backup Navigation

Bring maps and atlases as a backup. Download offline GPS apps and rally materials to reference if service gets spotty in remote areas.

Pack Strategic Rally Supplies

Participating in challenges means packing anything from costumes to sporting goods. Carefully review each day’s activities listed and come prepared.

Plan an epic road trip rally this year unlike any you’ve done before! Visit the Fire Ball Rally website for full event details, travel tips and registration info. And check back as additional rallies get added to the events calendar.